Custom-built frames at affordable prices!

A cherished home-made birthday card, old family photograph, holiday souvenir, a child’s painting from primary school………there are so many meaningful images that lie unappreciated at the back of a cupboard or drawer when they should be gracing a wall, enhanced by a professional framing job.

Dig it out and bring it along to discuss the various framing possibilities. With many different samples of mountboards and mouldings to choose from, Madryn Studio is here to bring pictures back to life, without having to take out a mortgage to do so! Bring that long-forgotten picture along, and you may well be pleasantly surprised at the results!

FRAMING – special offer to artists

If you are an artist, either living in or visiting Devon, then I empathize with you on the “cost of framing” front! As an artist myself I have been through the whole process of going to professional framers, finding the cost prohibitive, then trying to make my own or restore second-hand frames!

Preparing your work for an exhibition can be hugely expensive, yet the unavoidable fact is that a decent framing job makes all the difference to the look of your work and, often, to whether it sells or not. Most people who buy a picture to hang on their wall want it properly framed. The best advice is – don’t stint on the framing. But the reality is – can you afford it?

Well, perhaps now you can. I offer all artists a 25% discount on all framing jobs. Come and have a chat about the various creative options available –┬áthere are no costs or obligation involved in talking about it!